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Meeting the Souls of the Titanic: Psychopomp Stories ep. 3

Feb 02, 2023

This is a story that takes place in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The main characters are the souls of the Titanic, who called me to support them in their crossing. After 7 journeys over the Atlantic and with visits to London, France, and Ireland, I got to know the souls well. With their permission, I tell this story.

This is episode 3 in the first season of psychopomp stories. (one and two will be in an upcoming post.) Today, the Titanic people are ready to be talked about, so I am putting this out there.

What is the link between Halifax and the Titanic? Though this city was never the destination for the ship, it was Halifax ships that went to retrieve the people. It was also these two spaces that became the final resting place for the people that were retrieved by them. Now these cemeteries serve as Titanic pilgrimage sites. In this way, Halifax, Nova Scotia became part of the Titanic story.

How did I become involved? Well, it just kind of happened. Having just returned to Nova Scotia, I was out exploring my new neighbourhood. One afternoon out walking, I found myself in front of a placard that told me this was a burial site for the people of the Titanic. As I approached the gravemarkers, I felt the souls start to communicate with me. As it turns out, there were several who were ready for their journey, there was unfinished business that needing hearing, and there was a grief net that needed lifting. Would I be able to help them lift it?

In that moment, I said yes. What I thought would be a six month task has gone on for several years. The people of the Titanic have a lot to say about who they were and what they required. In this instalment, I tell you a little bit about the honour it was to hear their requests, to repatriate the souls who were ready, and in some cases, to continue the path toward resolution of unfinished business.

The Titanic is a story, a ship, and a memory that stands out in the hearts and minds of so many. In part, because of the collective upset of the end that 1500 souls met on that cold April morning. I (we) are happy to tell you that many of those souls have met their resting point. Though it was a process, it has happened (and is happening. Many are at peace, now. Those who remain have messages to share and in some cases, unfinished business. Our work is ongoing!

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