Intensity Building: A Note on Venus alig ...

Intensity Building: A Note on Venus alignments and the Eptsein Case

Jan 07, 2024

One of the reasons that I love astrology so much is that when you learn how to read the planets, they have much to tell you. I have said it once, I will say it again. They are record-keepers. They also help to spur on change. (This is why I will occasionally share an astrology related matter with you.)

One of the things that I have not yet gotten into talking about in our Psychopomp Stories series is the oppression of feminine energy. Did you feel like closing the email as soon as you read that? It is ok if you did, that is the general reaction that comes when you say things like that over the past few years.

  • I have been talking about this on my other podcast and can give an example of that conversation, here:

  • Long story said in three sentences, Venus holds a major part of the feminine energy spectrum. Things that happen to women, especially done ritually, harm other women. (We have approached the topic of human energy archetype and how that works in a few episodes and spoken about it relating to men and humanity in general.) Part of the energy healing we have been doing to the feminine archetype happens to come about during alignments connected to those strands (like with Venus, Vesta, Juno etc).

Astrological Alignment of Note

As I was doing the psychopomp-anthropologist thing reviewing the Maxwell-Giuffre releases, I was paying attention to when things were happening. As I came to discover, the day of a MAJOR break in this whole entire thing back in 2003 just so happened to have the precise alignment we have coming up for January 8, 2024. Interesting, right?

Even more interesting? The alignment is with one of the old stargate stars. You learned about stargates and how they got hijacked in 'saga of Earth'. That is what happened to Saturn. I told a story about Betelgeuse, a few weeks back that shares another angle of how that works. I took it off the podcast because it did not quite fit, but I will share it here for those keen for that sort of nerdy thing:

Things are healing and being righted

All of this points to healing in the energy spectrum.

The reason that I mentioned 'raising tensions' is that you can feel the anger and rage of the energy being pushed out of our Universe as all of this goes on.

Truth be told, all things in the energy spectrum do point toward something 'big' coming out this week. Is it going to be related to this? We shall see.

The web of influence that was once covering our planet is unfolding. For that, I am grateful.

*A new season of sharing is in the works. I am currently wrapping up some ceremony and building a new online home for this website. I aim to be back up and running with new instalments by the end of January.

  • I had thought I was going to talk about the Epstein thing on social media - turns out that a lot of creators are having their profiles punished and content removed for doing so. Nix. We will talk about that here and in the private community (which is now accepting members again).


** I am back to teaching people about Earth Connection, again. If you would like to have a thought provoking, heart expanding, speak directly to Earth and the flows of energy it offers like in trees and water, then please. Join me:

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