Ghosts of Gettysburg: Crossing Souls on ...

Ghosts of Gettysburg: Crossing Souls on the Battlefield

Oct 22, 2023

The Battle of Gettysburg was the most extensive ever fought on American soil. Including roughly 51,000 casualties, the loss of life and injury have left behind a spiritual mark. Many of the souls who once battled at Gettysburg remain in the field.

These are the ghosts that you hear so many stories about.

I first began visiting Gettysburg in 2020. As a pyschopomp, I have the ability to find lost souls and aid them in their final crossing. The soldiers asked for my help getting home. I have set about doing just that. In the case of much of who is haunting Gettysburg, these 'ghosts' are better understood as lost souls who are seeking their path to reconnect to Creator and go home.

This is a video about what it is like to meet and cross the souls at Gettysburg. In it, I talk about who the souls actually are and why people in battle often find themselves stuck in the field. I take you on a video tour of some of the major haunting spaces and battle places: Cemetary Ridge, the Pennsylvania Monument, and down to Devil's Den. ***These videos were recorded during an actual soul crossing ceremony. Those of you who are intuitive or energy sensitive will be able to feel the presence of the souls and the power of their crossing.****

VIDEO PREMIERES 1 pm est, which is 2 hours and 40 minutes from this post. It will be available here:

Thank you to each and every one of you who supports this project. You help me get to these places and to get these stories out there. Because of you, I was able to buy a new website for this project (that will be launching soon).

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Part two, "Mystery at Devil's Den" will be released in two weeks. It will also be a video project.

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