Beyond "The Keepers": the Dark Web of Jo ...

Beyond "The Keepers": the Dark Web of Joseph Maskell

Feb 23, 2023

This story takes place in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. It is about a nun named Sister Cathy, a priest called Father Maskell, and a web of dark energy that I was called to fix. If those names sound familiar, they are the same Sister Cathy and Father Maskell the Netflix docuseries ‘The Keepers’ was about. Sister Cathy, a nun who is no longer with us, called me to this project to help with her unsolved business: bringing justice to the many vulnerable believers who were hurt by Maskell, and more importantly, to show me the web of evil that his actions had created. She knew that what he had done was not isolated and she understood that the souls of the people he had hurt were in some cases, still entangled in it and thus, were not free. She also knew that what he was doing went much beyond Archbishop Keough to cover a lot of this city and parts of the county.

As it turns out, Father Maskell was a busy guy who had been in 7 different parish based locations spread all around the city (and briefly Wexford, Ireland) before he was defrocked. His tenure with the Church spanned almost 30 years. As I worked this project, I realized what he was described in The Keepers, it appears, went on for many years. These actions left a dark web on the city. It was this dark web of influence that Sister Cathy was contacting me about.

Over the course of three years, she, my husband, and I worked together to untangle it.

In this instalment of psychopomp stories, I introduce Joseph Maskell and detail the web of fear and evil he created. In my opinion, Joseph Maskell was acting under the influence of a demonic entity. Every single person he hurt, every feeling of fear he evoked, helped to power it. Lucky me, I got to go hunting.

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Special note: In about 2 weeks, I am planning an IndiCrow uncensored information sharing 'thing' on this topic. I am in the process of deciding if it is most safe to do it as a recorded event with questions taken ahead of time, or to open it up for people to come 'live'. I will get back to you on that.

**I have some maps and special materials that will get posted for the private members over the next two weeks.

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