Beyond the Keepers pt 2: Meeting the Neg ...

Beyond the Keepers pt 2: Meeting the Negative Entity

Mar 02, 2023

In this instalment, I describe what it is like to meet and deal with a real life negative entity and to endure its psychic attacks as I do my work.

Last week, I introduced you to a web of dark energy that I had discovered in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. As I told you, I had been investigating this web which was in part being powered by untoward and violating behaviour at the hand of a Priest called Father Maskell.  As I came to find out, this 'web' had the capability to be operated as a weapon. 

In this instalment, I tell you about what it was like coming face to face with the web when the entity who operates it turned it on me. I talk about the real life danger I face as a psychopomp. I also talk about what it was like to be in the right place at the right time last Thursday to stand in front of this thing so that a very special court proceeding could take place without its influence.

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