Battle of Light and Dark: Saga of Earth ...

Battle of Light and Dark: Saga of Earth pt 5

Jul 30, 2023

As Earth worked through its healing journey, it became very clear that there were two general 'camps' in action. People of the light and people of the dark. Those of the light are the ones who are here to anchor in the energy of the Order of Creation. They respect Creator and this Universe and are here to restore their freedom and power. Those of the dark view this Universe as their possession. People and this planet are mere food and battery power.

How did the dark get here? Well. They were seeded during the time of the False Idol Saturn. Their relationship with it was passed down through the generations and in ceremony. They are ets posing as gods and the humans who are their friends. They came with the Borgias and the Medicis (as you heard last time). They arrived through war. They also arrived through a distorted sect of the 'lightworking' community.

Who are the light and how did they get here? Some were connected to that love again the moment Creator unhinged the sheath. Others answered a call from the Universe to come here and help Earth get free. You may know them as lightworkers. You may know them as First Nations. The truth is, they are a diverse cultural group from all different backgrounds. We call ourselves all different names.

Though today, I focus specifically on the lightworking community.

In this special instalment of Saga of Earth, I talk about the lightworking community and how we got involved in the battle of light and dark. I talk about our successes, but also some of our more difficult moments. You see, we too got targeted and agents of Saturn are working to harm our souls from within our own community.

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Viva light, viva love, viva Earth.

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