Alien RV Trip: A Video Presentation of P ...

Alien RV Trip: A Video Presentation of Psychopomp Stories

Sep 07, 2023

The one about when we went to the mountains in Squamish BC to help the Sasquatch and some aliens tried to abduct us.

Back in 2017, Jennifer (my guest) and myself were on a journey deep into the Rocky Mountains. Summoned by friendly Sasquatch beings, it was my job to help close a portal that was being used by unfriendly aliens to cross into Earth. For me as a psychopomp, part of that was looking for portals that should not be open and making sure they got closed.

Driving from Calgary to Vancouver and then out through the mountains, off we went. Not too long after we arrived to our campsite for the feeling, we began to get eerie feelings. We were not energetically 'alone', there. In fact, there were beings who were running up behind us trying to scare us as we went about our work.

Things were not too bad, until it got dark.

In the middle of the night, I (Katie) was awoken to the feeling of danger. All of my hackles were up. All of a sudden, a bright red light that was a tractor beam surrounded the RV. It tried to lift us up. Jennifer confirms this. We both share our experiences.

This is the story about what happened and how we saved ourselves. It includes some information on what you can do if you get bothered by ETS. In this one, I talk about what a portal is, why it is to be mindful of them.

Most importantly, we answer the question: Is it a good idea to talk to aliens and ets?

To watch the brand new youtube video about it:

Love the podcast and want to know if this will get posted in that format as well? Yes! I am working on getting these stories out there. Youtube is a very good way to go about doing that. I have a little changing to do on the podcast version! It will be available very soon.

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