Lyle Lewis- We are a species poised soon ...

Lyle Lewis- We are a species poised soon to disappear

Feb 27, 2024 Why should you read Racing to Extinction? “Writers who address the abuse we have inflicted on the planet tend to close on a hopeful note that a few tweaks and some minor lifestyle changes and all will be well. I can’t, in good conscience make those same assurances. This book provides the rationale for resignation and acceptance..we are a species poised soon to disappear, humanity is quite literally, racing to extinction” Welcome Lyle Lewis. "I am a former endangered species biologist/supervisor with the Department of Interior in the United States. I was founder of the Western Bat Working Group and Southwestern Carnivore Committee and received awards for bat, carnivore, and natural area conservation. My career and love of the outdoors has taken me to many of the wildest places in North America, having spent several decades in backcountry and wilderness areas. Growing up on a small ranch in southern Oregon in relative isolation, nature became my best friend. During my professional career, I held diverse and unusual positions including range conservationist, watershed specialist, hydrologist, fisheries biologist, ecologist, wildlife biologist, endangered species branch chief, and endangered species recovery coordinator. More than two decades of my federal career were spent in efforts to conserve imperiled species in the face of livestock grazing, logging, oil and gas development, agricultural development, mining, recreation, highway expansion, construction, rights-of-way, and urban development." Foreword by Sue Coulstock

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