Self-care Mindset Routine...loading

Self-care Mindset Routine...loading

Jan 02, 2023

It's Day 25 of the Money Mindset Routine. There are five days left. The format of this has ebbed and flowed. For the next routine, I've committed to a Self-care Mindset Routine. I get to make it easier for people to complete the Routines. So, I'm going to create a recording with just instructions the night before. And then in the morning I'll record myself following the instructions.

For the Self-care Mindset Routine once again I am using Hal Elrod's SAVER as a foundation. I figure if it ain't broke, then don't fix it. If you want more information on it, purchase his book Miracle Morning. For the Routine, we will use E which stands for Exercise as the opportunity to build a new Mindset.

When I think of self-care, the mindsets that usually run me are thoughts of "I don't have enough time", "There are other things that need to be done", "I'll get to it later". So, I'm choosing Smiling for 5 minutes or more as the Exercise. I will look in the mirror as I do it. I'll record an audio of my preferred Self-care Mindsets.

If as I write this smiling at myself for 5 minutes seem stupid and grates my inner thoughts. Annd that's exactly what comes up when I think about paying for a pedicure or spa day or reading a book just for fun.

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