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Guys, We Need to Talk

Guys, We Need to Talk

Jul 08, 2022
In This Episode… We really need to talk… I am sad to see the state of men the way it is. We need each other and we need a better way to vent our frustration. I know society does not like us because we are men. I know we see negative messages all the time. That does not mean we act out in violence. We need a better plan. Plus, talking about new games and GPUs! Show Notes ● [01:28] Terminator is going survival? ● [02:43] RoboCop new game trailer ● [04:57] Skull and Bones gameplay and release date ● [07:29] 343 and modders attempt to recreate Halo 2 E3 demo ● [09:36] Red Dead Redemption 2 gets FSR 2.0 unofficial in the game? ● [12:06] raises money to kill babies. ● [17:40] New Modern Warfare leaks ● [19:33] Nvidia 4000 RTX details leak. ● [23:01] Deus EX writers moves to Mass Effect 5. ● [25:54] Razer buys haptic company. ● [27:41] Battlefield 2042 is getting mixed on Steam ● [30:05] Wi-Fi 7 router is out without Wi-Fi 7 being certified? ● [32:02] Guys, we need to talk… People and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show ● Skull and Bones ● Terminator ● ● RoboCop ● Nvidia ● Battlefield 2042 ● Modern Warfare 2042 ● Wi-Fi 7 ● You can now support us on Buy Me A Coffee! Thank You for Tuning in! Join us Every Friday for a new Episode! Review our Podcast! Merch ● Check out the latest merch from Digital Coffee! Contact Us! ● If you want to get involved, leave us a comment! ● Visit us and give us a ‘like’ on our Facebook page! ● Follow us on Twitter. ● Follow us on Instagram. ● Join our Discord! ● Email at [email protected] Thanks for listening!
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