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🥳 Really Dark Icons & a Milestone!

🥳 Really Dark Icons & a Milestone!

Sep 25, 2021

No, it's not one of our average release updates...

This is a milestone post and pre-update notice :)

On Monday the 27th of September we'll release our biggest update so far, with another 224 new icons... Really Dark Icon!

Really Dark Icons bring you the ultimate dark-on-dark experience.

On Monday you can expect our release email with the new and updated link to your Dark Icons folder. Inside you'll find a new section "Really Dark Icons" (Ready for iOS and Android)

With this update, we're standing with 464 icons! WOW.

In the meantime, feel free to explore the new icons https://www.darkicons.com/reallydarkicons

See you on Monday...


  • Email with a link to the new "Really Dark Icons" folder, will be sent only to Dark Icons Supporters.

  • This post is only for general information. and not part of the regular Dark Icons new release or update emails.

  • Getting a new release and update emails requires being a supporter.

  • You can still join our space to see the latest release and updates and join the community wishlist for new designs and requests.

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