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천천히, cheoncheonhi. (Slowly, slowly.)

천천히, cheoncheonhi. (Slowly, slowly.)

Jun 21, 2021

I saw a sketch pad I had in grade school. The drawings are awful I almost threw it, but I kept it away instead after realizing that those are evidences of progress. I never noticed that I improved. We all improve, 천천히, cheoncheonhi.

Someone told me that using grid is a waste of time. But so do plotting the coordinates, shading, and detailing. They all take time. I've learned to accept that unlike others, I can only "perfect" these drawings by using grid. So respect and trust the process. Maybe in time, I can draw without needing those lines. Take the steps, 천천히, cheoncheonhi.

I have creative block. Circumstances in high school and college somehow prevented me from utilizing and maximizing my gifts. I wished for a two-year break and never thought it would be granted. This is the perfect chance to overcome that block, 천천히, cheoncheonhi.

천천히 means slowly. Unti-unti, bit-by-bit, step-by-step.

In life, nothing is instant. Everything has a process that requires effort. For our visions to materialize, we need to take necessary actions.

We are equipped with tools and gifts, so all we need is a little courage and confidence.

Let's not waste the things we are given, for in the end we'll only regret the things we didn't do. (Also use it for good and for God).

Start acting. Start doing. Start creating.

Lastly, life is not a race. So do things at your own pace. 천천히, cheoncheonhi.

- dalanndann, 21 June 2020

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