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COTD (+ Runes!)

COTD (+ Runes!)

Jul 27, 2021

Happy Tuesday witches! Welcome to my brand new Buy Me A Coffee page: now with membership! You may be wondering "huh? Why is this in my email?". Well, you're receiving this first (of many) exclusive posts because you supported me at one point (or several) in the past, and I wanted to offer you an opportunity to become a monthly supporter! You can even become a member annually, and get two months of content for free. Just to let you know ;)

If you've been supporting me on Patreon, you know that I post a daily card pull roughly four times a week. My goal is to do it more frequently in a week (but as we all know, life gets in the way sometimes, and I'm trying to teach myself to be gentler on my need for rest and time away from the computer), and... I lost my train of thought but I just had the most wild sense of deja vu. I'm watching Black Sunday as I write this, and I had an overwhelming feeling of familiarity. ANYWAYS.

I love doing daily card pulls for you. I post these to Instagram as well, but people who support me in other avenues get more to the reading. It's more detailed, offers more background, offers information on what's going on. It's very conversational (it's almost like a blog post centered around divination), but I do feel like it gives a lot more information on the card. Writing these posts for you is honestly one of the most rewarding things I do, and I hope you like them as much as I do!

Today we are pulling from a deck that I re-purchased (I gifted my last copy to a friend of mine when she was moving away. I'm 100% that witch who spontaneously gives decks to people on the fly. I even gifted someone a deck after a reading I did for them. The deck made it very clear that it wanted to be with them); the Work Your Light oracle cards by Rebecca Campbell. I feel a kinship with this deck. It's magical AF, and the artwork is beautiful (shout out to Danielle Noel). On the surface it could look like a "ooh love and light and nothing is wrong ever" kind of oracle deck. Which, if you've followed me for five seconds you probably know that that isn't my vibe. I'm not a love and light kind of witch. I mean, my aesthetic can look like that's the case (especially in my studio- hello, crystals and pastels), but there's a difference between a visual style and core values. That's what I like about the Work Your Light oracle deck. It's visually beautiful, and there are positive messages, but because it's focused on wellbeing and raising vibrations, it doesn't shy away from addressing shadow work that you need to consider bringing to light.

To accompany today's card, we have Witches' Runes that I picked up yesterday in Quebec City at Charme et Sortilege. They're beautiful little things; metal, made to look worn in some ways, but still holding onto an art style that just jives with me. I've been curious to dive more into divination by casting lots. I've been reading about runes a lot lately, so divination by casting lots has been on my mind. It's kind of kismet that I went to Charme et Sortilege and found a rune set that I fell in love with. I didn't know until just now, but sortilege is a word for cleromancy (casting lots). How neat! It was a cute store; very medieval pagan Harry Potter vibes, but in a very sincere way. They carry a lot of herbs and spell ingredients, which is what I am generally looking for when I go to a witch shop.

These particular runes are not traditional runes (i.e., they're not based on futhark or any other runic alphabet. Instead, they pull from symbols in witchcraft, and maybe also utilized some sigil making to create original runes (which is kind to anyone who is unsure about how to broach the idea of runes, but wants to learn cleromancy). For me, I was drawn to the scythe rune, and the fact that they're this beautiful metal with wonderfully drawn symbols.

I thought that I may as well combine cartomancy (divination by reading cards) with cleromancy. After all, why not combine tools to get messages? Especially when it helps me learn the runes, and get a bit more in touch with their energy and their whole vibe.

I will say, today's message isn't... it's not the kindest message I've ever seen in anything. But it's also uplifting. It's basically a message that says "there's some work cut out for you".

Today we have three runes; Waves (ruled by Neptune), Harvest (ruled by Jupiter), and Scythe (ruled by Pluto). There's a lot of watery, uncertain kind of energy, but buried deep between the Waves and the Scythe is the Harvest; feebly telling us that our hard work is paying off, or it will pay off. It's there, but it's still buried, under a mound of stress and anxiety.

The answer to all of this anxiety (a recommended remedy, if you will), is in the card: UNBOUND. The card calls you to let go, to release yourself from what no longer serves you. To release yourself from the contracts and patterns of past lives, to disconnect yourself from those past realities that are preventing you from moving forward.

Release yourself. Unbind yourself. Grant yourself freedom. Unburden yourself.

It is through absolute freedom that we can reveal new truths to ourselves, and live realities previously seen as impossible. When you release, you can make the Harvest rune a reality, and let all of your hard work truly pay off. You simply need to peel back all of the layers of uncertainty and anxiety (shown to us in the form of the Waves and the Scythe), and acknowledge to yourself that you are doing everything you can to move upwards and onwards.

I also want to address the Scythe a bit more closely. This rune is here to highlight anything we've been denying, or lying to ourselves about, or lies we've been believing. However, it can also hint at the fact that once you've freed yourself, you might start to see hidden mysteries and learn secret knowledge. You can't hear any truth if you're only listening to lies!

TL;DR: Be free and know your truth.

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