April Astrology: Changes Abound

April Astrology: Changes Abound

Apr 03, 2023

April is a month that started off in the midst of great change. If you feel like everything is moving and some of it makes no sense, you are not alone. We are indeed in the midst of a great shake-up. We are moving from one astrological age into the next and directly experiencing the social, political, and relational changes that come along with a world order being re-thought. There are moments that we know are powerful and important for cosmic healing that simultaneously seem to come with what feels like just more challenges for us. It can be frustrating to know that so much ‘good’ is happening astrologically and to still be meeting the wall of unjust systems or unfair treatment ourselves. I know from personal experience.

When we are pushing the wall of a system, when we are here to ground a fresh frequency, when we are architects of life and light, it is not always easy. We are here, united by the condition that we are living together through this. These are the times where recognizing the strength of our community, recognizing the impact of our kindness and acknowledgement, and really walk the talk to one another by treating each other with dignity makes a world of difference. It also has the power to make our worlds different.

In this astrology report, I address how far we have come. I acknowledge the transitory nature of this moment. I talk about the importance of remembering to plant seeds for your present and future throughout it. There are ways to keep ourselves from getting swept away in the crazy tide of everything that is dissolving. We are here, now, and we will stay strong through this.

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For Scope: A Quick Review of the Astrologically Significant Events We Have Lived through This Past Month

From the middle or March through its completion we did a parade of planets during which time we toned the higher harmonic frequency being birthed through each into each other. Over the past month, they had been coming into alignment with one another and as they touched, they helped one another to shed the outdated frequency that had once characterized their communications. This, in turn, created a change in the way that ‘astrology’ is going to affect us (which is a good thing).

We also had a turnover in the sun, something that is only supposed to happen once every ten  years at solar maximum, well before solar maximum.

Pluto entered Aquarius, representing a change in the generational frequency. Pluto is moving us through the final pushes of a rough look at Saturn in Cancer.  It does rock back to Cancer as part of this transition for a short while. This will bring the fresh tone back into the sign which will be an important part of its healing and rebirth. This will continue the Saturn healing project, to which this is connected.

Saturn entered Pisces, moving out of AQUARIUS. As noted other articles and in this report, Saturn is a planet whose energy got harnessed magick that ultimately, sits behind things like the usury aspect of the global financial system that affect our lives today. We know that a certain world order was set up and that the influence of an entity that was working through Saturn (aka Baal, aka Mollock aka any configuration of people who work with variations of this to benefit themselves of which there are many). You can say that we just worked through the last 2.5 years of Saturn in Aquarius that also included that awful journey of Saturn square Uranus to rid our future energy strands of the things that would pollute the birthing we are in the process of experiencing. Saturn squared Uranus on Feb 17, June 14, and December 23 (2021). These were awful moments that were also freedom pings. More on that this month.

We had the Repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery. This document was forged in black magick a la the Borgia family (it was a Borgia Pope who created it as a Papal Bull, thus granting it its authority). (I will be addressing this one in ‘Psychopomp Stories’. Be sure to ‘follow’ that podcast to get notifications you may listen through this link to all episodes no login required Psychopomp Stories • A podcast on Spotify for Podcasters.)

This was punctuated by an x-flare on the day that each of the planets were visible to us in the sky (a special phenomenon that would have been considered a ‘sign’ of something cosmically important happening to most cultures in the world prior to our disconnected from the cosmos one. It is still a sign).

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