For sale - urgent

For sale - urgent

Oct 27, 2023

Hi dear friend,

I am selling my photography and videography equipment because I haven't used it lately since I've been focused on writing and publishing books.

Most importantly, I want to establish a food forest and tree nursery and I need money to buy seeds, boxes and other things for the upcoming season.

If you know anyone interested, please share these details below.

Best wishes,




For sale

(listing on ebay )

Canon 80 d camera body 

with Sigma ART lens 20 mm f 1.4


Canon 50 mm f 1.8 lens. 

Also a 64 gb memory card, 

2 batteries, 



cable to move footage from camera to computer.

You can see a video filmed with this equipment at the link below, or if you search on YouTube for a video titled The strangest thing that happened to you (Manchester).

All the items are used, but in very good condition.

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