Shop Update, Prints, What I'm Doing?

Shop Update, Prints, What I'm Doing?

Apr 20, 2021

There's not really much to update because my shop update along with my second youtube video (so that's two videos this month) has shown a lot of what's been going on this week. However, I've been working on some new test prints. As you see above, this is my new cloud print. This is going to be (or what I plan to be) a thank you card whenever my items are purchased.

I have the proof coming in about a week and then the prints should be sent after I approve those.


I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to finish the video in time for this week's update so if not, I'll do a post about showing the progress. It's definitely taking a long time getting this collection together because it's creating original characters while in the process of redoing my already done original characters from my general Create-O set so Productive Potatoe and Sarcastic Bear.


I'm currently working on Productive Potatoe Stickers that are slowly wrapping up to be finished. These are most likely going to be the first available things when I do open the shop (along with on-demand Prints).


For my new audience, I get this question A LOT. I am available for commissions. My commissions are open. You can purchase my chibi commissions directly from here or if you're currently mobile and want something more mobile-friendly, you can purchase chibi commissions from here.

If you want a custom digital commission piece done, please email me. I do charge $30/hour when doing custom digital paintings.

Digital paintings include pieces like so:

These take a minute to do, so please be aware of that. And please do not ask me to do a commission in a certain style. I will hope that those of you who request commissions from me, understand my style (this does not mean your piece has to have the same color palette of mine but rather I will not conform my style to another artist's style).


Always email me if you would like to see anything from me or have any questions.


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