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Italy Maps: Thatch App

Italy Maps: Thatch App

Aug 12, 2021

Hey all,

I wanted to share a really cool app I have been using to create maps of my favorite places in Italy. It is called the Thatch.app and while soon it will probably be on desktop for now it is just a mobile app.

So far I have created:

  • Turin Gelato Map

  • Rome Gelato Map

  • A Quick Trip to the Dolomites

  • Wineries in Italy

  • Around Turin

And am working on an Out & About in Piedmont, and a Boutique shopping in Turin map.

You can find all my maps here: https://www.thatch.co/share?profile=5vz1FqKfbzRv88towS5v2tHzEoc2

And if there is one you would love to see, let me know!

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