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Collective Spaces Spring Romp Stream Stomp: Event Recap

Apr 03, 2024

We had a great time at the Collective Spaces Spring Romp Stream Stomp camping weekend! The weather was mild, and a recent rainfall left us with plenty of muddy areas to play in.

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Establishing trails

Building on previous efforts, CS members and friends cut more walking trails. Paths now lead from the front of the property near the old house past the cooking area and down to Sandy Creek. In some areas, the walking trails follow previously established paths that only need a light amount of work to re-cut.

Check out this interactive map to see a mostly-updated layout of our current trails.

Exploring Sandy Creek

The back end of the land features Sandy Creek, which at points is at least 50-60 feet wide. It's called a creek, but there are several islands in the wider parts of the waterway.

Over the weekend, campers discovered a trail that follows along the creek, and a spot that may give easy access to the water. Peter and Rahela are thinking about bringing their kayaks to try and explore Sandy Creek. If you want to join them, hop over to our Discord and send one of them a message!

Camping at Collective Spaces

You can now find us on HipCamp!

Make sure to bring plenty of food and water since our campsites are primitive. There are established fire rings for campers to use and plenty of firewood available.

How to learn more

Join our online community in our Discord! When you first join, you'll have access to channels with announcements and a link to our meetings.

Our General Circle meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. ET. Here, you can learn about current CS projects and meet some of our Members and Participants.

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