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Membership revamp

Membership revamp

Oct 05, 2021

Ooookay so!! As you know I had some struggles with keeping up the post numbers and balancing them for all tiers so I decided to make some changes to the membership tiers.

To keep it simple I will just list them below:

  • All tiers get a shout out now

  • Bronze tier no longer unlocks content

  • Commission discount added to Silver and Gold alongside increased adopt discount

  • Early access for adopts is removed

  • Tutorials are renamed to Tips and tricks just because old name made me feel like they have to be long and fancy lmao

  • Art raffles are back instead of individual rewards starting in November (amount and type of art depends on the amount of Gold members and will be specified in each raffle post)

That would be all the changes, thank you for reading :)

Luckily all current members are in Gold so it wasn't too much of a hustle reworking everything sjahksk

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