Our birthday video: a sneak peek

Our birthday video: a sneak peek

Oct 19, 2022

Dear reader,

Some weeks ago, we asked you for your burning questions about our company, our journalists, or Brazil and Latin America in general. And, boy, did you deliver! We were excited to see so many interesting (and sometimes challenging) questions, confirming that our supporters truly are Brazil insiders.

Well, the time has come. Tomorrow will be our 5th birthday, and we’ll be posting the full video, featuring our founders Laura Quirin and Gustavo Ribeiro, on all our social media. But, as a thank-you gift, we’d like you to be the first to see a bit of the final result.

As always, thank you for your amazing support, which allows us to work on special projects. We loved receiving your questions and comments – and we might even consider doing that again in the future, what do you think?

And don’t forget to let us know your thoughts about the video: did your question get featured? What did you think of the response? You can also always send us direct feedback, whether that be by email, comments on our posts, or on our social media, we are always keen to reply to your feedback! 

Best regards,

The Brazilian Report Team 

💌 P.S. Just a friendly reminder to add our next election livestream to your calendar! On October 30 we are planning a packed live coverage, including special guests and correspondents from São Paulo and Brasília, from 7 P.M. to 9 P.M. (Brazilian Time). Don’t miss out by adding the event to your calendar here!

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