Nov 29, 2021

It's a shame that the narrative across the globe is "take that - take that - take that" in regards to getting the jab. There is no mainstream push of getting in shape, eating more healthily, or the benefits of vitamins C and D, or how being obese mixed with covid-19 can get you killed.

"They're" using all types of tactics like (get the jab and we'll give you a hundred dollars) or (you can't attend this concert or game unless you get the jab) or (you must have your vac-card to enter). It's real interesting how "they" go to great lengths to get you jabbed up while keeping vital information away from you.

One of those vital pieces of information "they" were trying to suppress was that those who got jabbed up are really the ones who can die more easily and spread the varied version of covid-19 called the "delta variant", I like to use the phrase ("flying delta") than those who didn't take the jab.

Although there is evidence that people are unfortunately dying from "flying delta" after getting jabbed up, "they" still keep telling you that the jab is okay and it's saving lives. How will you explain that to the mother of Maurice 'Reggie' Shepperson?!

Maurice was flight attendant who took his mom with him on his work trip in Hawaii. A fellow friend / flight attendant name Marcia stated that Maurice to all the precautions of washing his hands, wearing a mask, sanitizing surfaces and wiping things down.

Maurices mom stated that Maurice was fully vaccinated and after returning from the work trip, Maurice was in a Las Vegas hospital in July and later died from covid-19.

In my opinion, "they" already knew that these jabs were and are lethal but still wanted to convince people to take them anyway. There has been numerous people (some known and some not very known) speaking out about taking the jab with compelling information to back things up but the way "they" get down, "they" work day and night to suppress the folks who are trying to tell everyone how dangerous this jab really is and the evidence is piling up to the point where "they" won't have a choice but to tell the truth.

Condolences go out to the mother, friends/family of Maurice 'Reggie' Shepperson.

It's a must that YOU really do your research on this because it could end your life. Don't be too quick to trust these folks just because they seem to be the authorities on this. Devils run in all circles and you have to discern who the devils are and what they are up to so they can't set up traps on you! GONE!

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