Pies and Politics

Pies and Politics

Jul 28, 2023


Yesterday I was over the park walking my dog. Now if I go at certain times then the same people are generally out and about. I went at a different time. I do not have set times to walk my dog or feed him. I do it when I can or when I am ready.

On my walk, in between the rain showers, I met a man I have seen before. He was quite portly and wearing shorts and a T-shirt - in the rain. He had a little Shih Tzu dog. Our dogs chatted to each other and we chatted for a while as well.

This gentleman told me that he worked at a local small zoo but as he worked outside and as it had been raining a great deal he had not been asked to come in and therefore was a bit short of cash. He also told me that his wife had recently been made redundant. So not a happy couple.

After I had listened to his financial troubles for a while - our dogs were quite happy sniffing each other and following each other peeing everywhere - he went on to the state of the nation and politics and how the country had gone downhill.

He likened what is going on with the government to a pie. He said a pie has four corners. One corner is lies, one corner is the people in government only looking after themselves, the other corner is not knowing what it is like to be an ordinary person and not even caring either and the fourth corner was that the government just did not care anyway.

I listened to this man as we walked and I realise it is not a good idea to state your own political beliefs because they may be different from the person to whom you are speaking and spark off an argument, then I just listened and bid him farewell and dashed off into the downpour with my dog. He trundled home.

While on the rest of my walk, I began thinking of this pie. I had not heard this metaphor used in this way before. Then, suddenly, I imagined a round pie - which is the type I usually eat. He probably only ate square pies and by the look of him, quite a few.

As I imagined this beautiful round pie with its glazed crust I realised that with a round pie, you have no corners on which to hang your negative beliefs.

Instantly I felt the energy of the pie so different from the dull square pie with all its negative attachments. The round pie was vibrant and shiny and looked yummy and well worth eating. The square pie was dull and stodgy and not appetizing at all.

Try it yourself.

Think of a square pie and attach all your moans, groans and complaints to the four corners. Then, in your imagination switch to a round pie - and hey presto - all your worries, cares, doubts and fears - have nothing to cling to. And the sun comes out and shines once more.

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