People Watching Coincidences

People Watching Coincidences

Jun 08, 2023

Diary of a demented psychic medium.

So, there I was sitting in the cafe at the hospital waiting for my husband to have his chemo injection.

I like to do a bit of people watching while in cost-a-packet.

We go to the hospital every week on a Wednesday and sometimes on another day and also on a Monday, once a month for a meeting with the consultant.

This day the appointment was at 2 p m. We go by bus. There is an A, B or C bus. A goes all over the place, C goes all over fewer places and B goes virtually direct. The only trouble is that if we wait for a B then sometimes it does not turn up and also the other buses sometimes do not turn up. So we get to the bust stop round about the time a B should turn up and we get on the first bus that comes along. Yesterday it was the A and so it took a bit longer and we were a bit later arriving than usual.

I left my husband at the appointment centre and then perused the little charity shop and then bought some stuff for dinner in the M & S shop-cum-W.H. Smith. Then I went and bought a coffee and sat down at a table near the barrier.

Lo and behold a very large man wearing a brown trilby walked by as soon as I had sat down. Now as mentioned we were a bit late for the appointment and had been on time the week before and yet just as I sat down this large man in a blue tshirt and drab trilby walked by as he had done exactly the same the week before! Now is that a coincidence or not!

I saw many people going one way and then coming back the same way. A man carrying some big blue canvas thing with a grey plastic bottom and it was upside down. He went out the doors and then came back again. A nurse with 2 blood pressure machines also went out the doors and then back again. Everyone seemed to go out and then back again or up the corridor and back down again.

No prisoners being guarded by prison officers this week. One week there was a prisoner with long hair and a long beard and he looked very cheerful and was chatting and laughing away to the officer to whom he was handcuffed. He was also flanked by two more officers and followed by two security men. Goodness knows what he had been up to in order to become a prisoner and goodness knows what he had done in order to be in the hospital.

Just before my husband came back from his weekly chemo treatment a little boy of about five came into the cafe with his parents. He had his arm in a bright pink plaster cast. He kept looking at it as if it did not belong to him. He also carried it in front of him as if it did not belong to him. I was pleased to see that he was not that bothered by it and more amused than anything - something to show his friends at school, perhaps. I was also pleased to see he was not crying or in pain.

Just before I finished my cup of coffee I saw a lady who had been sitting near me with her husband and had been looking at all the clothes in the shop opposite the cafe. She got up and walked over to the shop and studied a dress that I thought would not suit her at all. I felt she was maybe bored as she had been sitting there for quite some time. Maybe she just wanted to spend her money or thought she wanted a dress in which to look pretty for her husband. Anyway she bought a bright orange sun dress. She was wearing a neat blue top and grey trousers. I thought she was not the type of person who would wear such a sundress. However, if she was like me and was travelling to some far of country where no-one would know her, for two weeks then she might also be like me and not give a dam about what she looked like or if her outfits suited her. What the heck, she’s only there for two weeks and no-one will remember her anyway.

Now things brings me to a time when I used to go dancing with my friend Dulcima. She loved to dance and so did I but I was terribly shy. She once told me that no-one would remember me if I stood up and danced and looked good or even if I made a fool of myself.

Having said that, I recall being at a dance once and being brave and dancing near a corner and a lad came over and asked if he could dance with me. I was totally shocked and told him I couldn’t dance and he said he could see that! Well that put me off dancing in public even more!

I do love people watching - do you?

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