Aug 27, 2023

G'Day. The washing from yesterday is back on the line. Good job I managed to get it all in before the thunderstorm hit. Good job too that I was back home with the dog before the thunder and lightning as he does not like rain or wind or thunder or lightning or even snow! Second lot of washing also put on the line. Where does it all come from? No more washing for a few days now.

Weather is little bit misty now but was nice and bright first thing. Pigeons are making their noise on the rooftops. Birds are chirping away. Butterflies and bees are looking at the flowers.

Need to cut the dog's nails today. Maybe I will manage to get one nail cut or all cut or only the nails on one paw cut. It is a case of cut and treat, cut and treat, cut and treat. And maybe Bob will be your uncle and it will all run smoothly.

Enjoy your day.

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