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Helping Hands

Helping Hands

Apr 04, 2022

Hello! Several people have written to ask about subscriptions -- that is, a mechanism for regular (monthly or annual) support for my blog. Which is a really encouraging thing to be asked. So finally I have gotten around to creating that option. (You should see it on my home page.)

I've done this with some hesitation -- it just feels unnaturally entrepreneurial for an old academic like me. But if I can get significant support, it would allow me to use the blog the way I want to use it: as a serious incubator for serious ideas (as well as a place to share enjoyable and beautiful things). My Invitation and Repair project is as important to me as anything I have ever written, and my blog is the only place I can really pursue it. So your support would be most welcome indeed.

It's possible that I will eventually figure out some way to provide special rewards for people who can contribute at a higher level, but that will require some thinking. I'll set my mind to it when the semester is over. But in the meantime, any of you who can support me will earn my undying gratitude. And in any case, I'll keep blogging!

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