Succulent Rainbow

Apr 17, 2021

This lovely lady has a hard time growing flowers in her front yard and thought the garage would be a wonderful way to add some botanical love! Living in Holt, MI can be a bit swampy like the rest of the Lansing Michigan so she thought why not succulents! TAKE THAT mother nature!

Most of the paint is Behr The garage background is "Boreal", Line work and front door color is "Nuturing".

Commissions are currently closed, but I will be accepting new commissions June 14th. I am not able to put names on a waiting list at this time but am asking that anyone who would like to have work done this year to message me on June 14th for the next go around!

If you would like to see the sketches of my upcoming jobs (and the sketch for this one) I will be posting them in the members only section here from now on!

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