BEER - Left Hand Brewery

BEER - Left Hand Brewery

Feb 17, 2021

Another of my pink themed beers! Flamingo Dreams Nitro by Left Hand Brewery in Colorado! First of all the beer is pink with a pink creamy head 😳 Now I'm a total beer connoisseur and I know that's appropriate terminology but it seems kinda dirty to say lol

It tasted like a berry ale. It wasn't very bitter compared to some and it was super smooth! I prefer mine a little more bitter but overall it was really good. I would probably give a 4/5 -- wishing for a bit more flavor. By the way my boyfriend didn't like it because he doesn't like fruit at all.. he probably would have rather had it be pizza flavored. So don't get it if you're not into teh fruitz

This beer is pictured in front of the mural I have been absolutely bustin' my butt on for two weeks. It's for Wiard's Orchard--my favorite childhood orchard in Ypsilanti, MI! Probably will be another 2 before I finish so I need to get my booty back down to the basement and start working. There will be more progress shots of this mural posted in the Members Only section on Monday!


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