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The Guardian publishes article about nex ...

The Guardian publishes article about next week's IAS protest

Oct 26, 2023

If I wasn't already on OSA's radar, I certainly am now...!

An article published by The Guardian yesterday detailing our plans to protest outside Scientology's headquarters next week was one of the website's most-read articles that day. According to data analysts PAMCo The Guardian reaches around 113 million online readers a month, meaning this will certainly be considered a major flap for Scientology's Office of Special Affairs.

I spoke with journalist Haroon Siddique last week about our protest plans, and was rather surprised by his steadfast commitment to writing the piece and ensuring it gained the approval of the newspaper's Editors and legal teams. When he reached the Church of Scientology for a statement he explained a representative called him a bigot and claimed 'harassment' in an attempt to intimidate him into pulling the piece. He was unfazed and demonstrated the importance of journalists' role in holding the organisation to account for its activities.

In response to the article, Scientology released a statement claiming next week's protest was harassment “orchestrated by an anti-Scientologist who exploits his few weeks of participation in the church over a decade ago", which I found was nothing short of hilarious. I still have the certificates for many of the courses I completed during my time in Scientology and their dates alone act as proof the Church makes up lies in an attempt to scare critics into silence. Mike Rinder very kindly shared the article on Twitter, saying it "includes typical #scientology “we are the victims” whines and bleats that protest organizer @ApostateAlex is “a nobody”. Obviously they hate this coverage. Way to go Alex!"

The article has since been picked up by several other news outlets including Newsweek, which also has over 100 million monthly readers - suggesting next week's protest is almost definitely on David Miscavige's radar.

When we gather next week outside Sceintology's Saint Hill headquarters, we will be carrying a message of compassion. We want to let Scientologists know there is a community of people here to support them if they choose to leave. People who work for Scientology live a very sheltered life and are discouraged from reading or watching the news - especially when it comes to stories about Scientology, which they consider ‘black PR’, so it’s important to us to make sure Scientologists are aware their very own leader is facing some very serious allegations involving former staff members.

If you would like to attend, please head to the protest website and let us know you're planning to come. For those of you unable to be there in person, I'll be live streaming the demonstration on my Youtube Channel and encourage you to take part in the live chat!

As always, thank you for your continued support and allowing me to spend more time fighting the fight.

Until next time,

Apostate Alex

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