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Scientology's UK Bank - Open Letter to N ...

Scientology's UK Bank - Open Letter to Nigel Farage

Aug 16, 2023

In the UK, Scientology operates through an Australian-registered charity called COSRECI (Church of Scientology Religious Education College Inc). The entity operates solely and exclusively in the United Kingdom, meaning their donations are classed as 'foreign income' and thus exempt from tax.

COSRECI is operating with debts of $100 million, 5 times greater than it's annual turnover, and is not tax exempt in the UK. It is liable to pay Corporation Tax (25% of profits) and VAT (sales tax), despite being given tax relief after Scientology properties were ruled as 'places of public worship' by the UK courts in January 2023.

Recently, broadcaster and former Member of the European Parliament Nigel Farage had his bank account closed without warning after it decided his status as a public figure was deemed a risk to the bank's reputation. Dubbed the 'debanking scandal', Farage publicly called out Coutts, which is owned by NatWest, and two top executives, Peter Flavel and Dame Alison Rose, resigned.

According to filings with Companies House, COSRECI banks with NatWest in the UK. I want to know why NatWest deem Nigel Farage a greater risk to its reputation than Scientology. Considering the multitude of claims (and evidence) of harassment, child trafficking and abuse, I don't understand how NatWest can ethically (and morally) continue serving Scientology as a customer.

It is quite literally the world's most controversial religion.

In an open letter to Mr. Farage this week, I asked for him to raise the issue publicly. You can read it in full on my website exploring Scientology's UK business operations, finances and shell companies, Scientology Business.

Cause Over Life Update

I am also currently working on Cause Over Life, a resource hub of support guides, mental health resources and information for people recovering from Scientology. The website is approaching completion of its design phase and the next step is to start inputting data and compiling the resources into an easy-to-use, navigable format. In the mean time, I am consulting with a number of former Scientologists to gain a greater understanding of what helped in their recovery process to better inform the resource hub. I'm hoping to launch Cause Over Life by the end of this year - and even sooner if possible.

Thank you to those of you who have donated, bought merch and cups of coffee recently. Your support really does go a long way and enables me to dedicate more of my time to this work.

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