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Bretzelsonndeg in Luxembourg - A Sweet P ...

Bretzelsonndeg in Luxembourg - A Sweet Pretzel for Your Crush

Mar 28, 2022

On the fourth Sunday of Lent, people in Luxembourg celebrate "Bretzelsonndeg" - Pretzel Sunday. On that day, men give a sweet pretzel, normally decorated with almonds, to a woman they like. (Here size matters) If she likes him back, she'll give an egg, chocolate or decorated, on Easter. If she didn't like him, she gives him an empty basket. The saying "jemandem einen Korb geben", meaning to reject somebody or to turn somebody down, is in reference to this. If it's a leap year, the custom is reversed.

Remember when I talked about "Funkensonntag" where people in the Alemannic regions (and elsewhere) have a giant bonfire on the first Sunday after Ash Wednesday? (Read about it here:

In Luxembourg, they have a very similar tradition called Buergbrennen. It's a large bonfire, often made from old Christmas trees, and in many villages parts of the wood are made into a cross. It used to be that only men participated in the event and the man who got married last lit the fire. But nowadays, it is the most recently married couple who lights the bonfire.

However, there is another custom that must have developed more recently (that is in the 20th century) where women throw wood into the fire and say their the name of the person they loved. If the men were listening closely, they can then take the hint and present the woman with a pretzel on Bretzelsonndeg.

Many larger cities, now have parades on Pretzel Sunday, and the bakeries use it as a day to sell sweet pretzels. You might also see a pretzel queen handing out pretzels to the residents.

If you are interested in making your own Bretzel, you can watch this video (there also is a link to the recipe). It's also interesting to listen to Luxembourgish, but English subtitles are available.

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