TMS Blog: VSC Intro

TMS Blog: VSC Intro

Sep 12, 2022

Visual Studio Code Intro: Last time out, we had a look at Lazarus, and how it can be used to build both traditional applications and TMS WEB Core projects using Windows, Linux, and macOS.  Another far more popular development environment supported by TMS WEB Core is Visual Studio Code (VSC).  In fact, the 2021 Stack Overflow Developer Survey suggested that more than 70% of developers use VSC.  The same survey category also lists several flavors of vi, emacs, and Notepad++ as IDEs, so don't read too much into that, or anything else in the survey, honestly. Part of the appeal of VSC is that it is a source code editor that supports many different programming languages and plugins tailored for many different kinds of projects.  Including TMS WEB Core! In this blog post, we'll cover getting started with VSC and using it to deploy TMS WEB Core projects.

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