TMS Blog: Tabulator Data In

TMS Blog: Tabulator Data In

Jun 16, 2022

Tabulator Part 2: Getting Data Into Tabulator. Last time out, we started our adventure into Tabulator, a JavaScript library that provides a grid-style control that you can use in your TMS WEB Core projects. This time out, we're going to focus on just one aspect - getting data into Tabulator.  The material in this post may also be of interest generally, no matter the grid control you're using, or even if you're just looking to get data into your TMS WEB Core application generally.  We're going to dip our toe into SPARQL, used to query the data behind Wikipedia.  We'll also show how to quickly set up an XData server as a proxy, both for SPARQL and other remote data sources.  This should be fun!

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