This Week in ADHD Coworking

This Week in ADHD Coworking

Feb 20, 2022

Hey Coworkers,

As much as I loved a nearly full week of coworking last week, it was quite tough to manage alongside work meetings and other responsibilities.

For now (and for the upcoming week), I'll be returning to impromptu coworking sessions. Meaning, I won't have any scheduled in advance - but am going to make an effort to stream when I can and let everyone know with as much notice as possible.

I have a plan to take something that's pretty time-consuming off my plate in the coming weeks (but also have another very time-consuming thing approaching in march) which I'm hoping will free up my schedule not only to be able to stream more regularly/frequently but also to work on growing our coworking space into something more legitimate that can function without me.

Will keep y'all updated on that as progress is made.

Keep an eye out here and on my Instagram for updates about coworking sessions this week.


Allie 💋

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