come little children i'll take thee away ...

come little children i'll take thee away 🎵

Oct 26, 2022

Into a land of ... distraaaaaaction 🤪

Just kidding, I'll obviously be focused and on my game, as I usually am 😅. Even if I'm somewhat preoccupied by it being Halloween weekend. In case y'all missed it, Halloween is my favorite holiday and I DEEPLY love spooky season. So you should definitely expect some tricks & treats during tomorrow's session 😈.

If you'd like to pre-register, here's the link.

Also, a heads up that I won't be holding a session this Friday because I got scheduled for a meeting, but I do plan to start the Friday sessions in November. Most likely every other week.

In order to distract YOU from the above news, here's the updated spooky EDM playlist if y'all want to get in the spirit


Allie 🧱

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