ADHD Coworking Friday Vibe 🫡

ADHD Coworking Friday Vibe 🫡

Jul 07, 2022

Hi Coworkers!

A few minutes ago, I thought, "I should do a coworking session tomorrow." Then, the anxiety, overthinking, and general insanity rolled in - as they do 😌. So, before I had a chance to talk myself out of it, I went ahead and created the event.

I've been starting to feel much more like myself lately (is this a good thing? who can never be sure 🤪) post-Breakup Land ™️ and something I'm working on is making decisions more quickly, following my gut, and challenging any neurotic thoughts I have (which is like 75% of them 😅).

ANYWAYYYYS, if you'd like to register, you can do so here. Session starts at 11:00am EST, and yes, I will be late. But I expect all of you to be on time.

See you tomorrow!


Allie 💋

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