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Store your RC stuff with pride

Store your RC stuff with pride

May 10, 2024

Display your RC Vehicles with pride and never face the tire flat spot issue again.

If you own RC Cars, Rock Crawlers and other RC vehicles and your collection is only increasing, you know the most annoying problem you face is that parking them all beautiful machines in shelves, for over a week or more will get a flat spot on your vehicle tires. now if you drive any of them, you get that annoying bobbing during driving. Also it gets tricky to get rid of that flat spot from your beloved RC vehicle tires.

Well Don't worry, now you can print any of these multiple hold my rock crawlers and hold my RC Vehicle beautiful stylish stands. Not only you can now store, display your rc vehicle collection with pride but also completely get rid of tires getting flat spot issue.

Each of these Stands are carefully designed to keep your RC Vehicle parked comfortable on them, keeping the tires off ground, thus no more flat spot in tires even if you store for a year.

Gears and Gears stand will also take RC Boats. try it. scale it up as you like. and use hot air gun to soften the part and adjust it as per the shape of your RC boat or RC Vehicle under body.

Not just RC vehicle, you can even part and store your RC helicopters on these. They truly serve the multi purpose

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