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Regarding Updates!

Regarding Updates!

May 14, 2022

Aw man I'm so sorry I didn't post anything sooner, but Noko and I have both a naaaasty cold hit us and keep us from being able to work much.

I meant to post something last week but I was literally so sick I was practically unconscious for two days, and I literally just realized that TODAY was another Saturday cuz I woke up wondering why my daughter wasn't at school.


Anyway at this point we're still both not in the best of health and just working on what we CAN rather than force ourselves to do anything above our means.

So consider the next couple weeks a health-and-hectic short - hiatus, and I only say that nothing is guaranteed because Noko is also gonna be here by the 25th and there's alot of pre-travel preparations and things to do before she can make that trip and since she does the sketch layer of the comic I can' anything until she can! XD

We also have a another free wallpaper NEARLY done for you guys but again - it'll get finished once we're up to sitting up and working normally again.

So sorry for the delays, its been - crazy lately, and I hope to get back to our regularly scheduled program soon! I'll keep ya all updated <3

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