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Another long post, but with a tl;dr this ...

Another long post, but with a tl;dr this time :D (Christmas break info)

Nov 24, 2020


You’re all about the sweetest readers a comic artist to ever ask for.

This post is a tl;dr, you’re all really nice and I’m terrible at expressing my gratitude for the MOUNTAIN of sweet comments I got yesterday, but COVID is still a thing, my colorist HAS COVID and is recovering, website orders and commissions are still doing well enough I’m working alot, so I’m EXTENDING my yearly Christmas break from my normal two weeks to the whole month of December. Starting now, because trust me its the only time to make sense to take a break in the comic as far as update flow goes, along with about 10 other life factors goin on rn. MCQ will return the first week of January back to its Mon-Wed-Fri update schedule.

And for the long version :

Well I can’t even begin…to start to respond to the amazing comments, care, and messages I got yesterday. I tried a few but after a point it all starts to feel almost empty but I read everything. And…you’re all amazing, and I REALLY, and TRULY appreciate ya takin the time to read what I had to say.

So that’s all - done and everything, and now I have been staring at my part 6 folder which only has about - 10 pages of buffer left, Little-Noko is still sick and tired from recovering from COVID and whatever sinus infection I’ve been having keeps coming on and off like its hanging out in my backyard just WAITING for me to feel better to invade all over again. (It’s not COVID on my end tho we did get tested juuuust in case.)

And my daughter’s tenth birthday is in just about 10 days. And I have….missed her. We can’t go anywhere or do anything and I’ve been working like mad while my husband plays stay at home Daddy since his workload is lighter than mine.

It’s going into December, I expect online orders to pick up and BOOOOOOY.

Ya’ll we got to 800 sales on Etsy ALONE this year just SO FAR so biiiiig, big thanks to my Etsy manager @phoenixryzing on helping me with that. A handful of sales on the eBay but HEY I’m sure that’ll pick up a bit too as time goes on, and ofc I still manage everything on our MAIN Loading Crew Crafts store myself.

It’s because of online sales and commissions my bills are all being taken care of so good on you guys for helping with all that. Seriously, we would have - totally folded without your continued support this year, watching the YouTube videos on TheLoadingCrew and TheLoadingTwo, Patreon and BuyMeACoffee supporters, and everyone whose made a purchase or a wishlist to their parents for getting things off the store, or just reading the comic and spreading the word. Means everything to us, thank you.

It is all these combined reasons I’m gonna extend my Christmas break this year. COVID is a creativity KILLER and my days of being about to get out story sketches have been dwindling the longer this goes on and the last thing I wanna do is push myself to burnout. And I really don’t want to go back to just 3 pages a week. I hate it….I prefer the flow of the comic MUCH more at 6 pages a week. It just means more frequent breaks when I fall behind in story a bit.

But yeah I’ll be taking more of a ‘staycation’ at home the next few weeks, playing some games on stream maybe and making sure Noko is recovering from COVID with all the support I can possibly muster. XD

So uh….expect new merch items to trickle out this month, I’ll still post a few things, answer asks, etc, but probably mostly stream some games. I pre-ordered the 30th anniversary Fire Emblem Collectors Edition for the switch so I could stream that, could be fun!

And uh. Once again thanks for everything. MCQ will return to finish its final chapter at the start of the year - and it shouldn’t take too long to complete. Have a lovely holiday season ~ :D

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