"Omens", 2018-2020, paintings series

"Omens", 2018-2020, paintings series

Jul 10, 2022

This series deals with the presentation of deities from the human preconception of personification, in other words, is about imagining a divine being through the use of incarnation or similarity with humans. These paintings collect various attributes that make up the imaginary related to the sacred or supernatural power and inserts them in apparently human figures, in order to conform my own iconography of divine beings.

I'm so thankfull about the unexpected success of this paintings. Are the first one that has been at a museum (San Pedro Museo de Arte), the three were acquired by an art collector and they helped me spreding my work as a painter in the city of Puebla.

I hope continuing working about symbology, it makes me connect with my spirituality, even when I am not a religious woman.

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