Identidad Orgánica

Identidad Orgánica

Sep 19, 2022

Thank you very much to all the people who accompanied me to the inauguration of "Organic Identity" and thanks to "El Alacran Galeria-Taller" for allowing the space for emerging artists like me, it's allways a great pleasure to collaborate with you.

I share with you some photos of the inauguration. The exhibition will be open to the public all September, go see it!😄

Organic identity:

The guiding axis of this exhibition is the concept of organicity. The organic form projects the thought of a unit as the assembly of heterogeneous elements, locatable as parts depending on a finished whole. Of the dispute with the forces of chaos to make some order, to make sense of what is refused. It presupposes individuals made up of parts, organs, repetitions, tissues, relationships and similarities that move towards the interior of the individual and towards the outside, towards the world.

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