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Magazine Feature//Conteur

Magazine Feature//Conteur

Dec 03, 2021

When I was younger, I would skim through magazines and newspapers hoping that someday I’d be like the women in pictures.

That someday, people will talk about the work I will do.

That someday, I will create change and impact people with the work I do.

Conteur Magazine and Girl Up India helped me get my someday! ♥️

Read my story, and all that I’ve done in the past few years for women empowerment.

To all the organisations that have made me, me thankyou. (Girl Up Rise Pratisandhi The Quint The Jurni Delhi Anti-Sexual Harassment Council [WICCI] Parkshala Tribe LSR MUN Society Aghaaz LSR UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency FTF-I)

All proceeds from the sale of this magazine will go towards uplifting girls from marginalised communities in India!

Happy Women’s Day, to all the dynamic women out there! (1/3)

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