3DPrintBeginner in the future

3DPrintBeginner in the future

Feb 08, 2022

I get a few emails/comments weekly where people are asking me when will I review a specific printer.

The answer is "I don't know" because most of the companies out there stopped sending me review samples after publishing detailed and honest reviews.

This doesn't mean I will stop. Just expect less reviews in the future.

I will still review 3D printers and related hardware, because some companies still believe in what I do, and don't mind receiving a critical review.

They understand this is better in the long run

I can't break my Review Guidelines just to get review samples (https://3dprintbeginner.com/review-guidelines/).

I already have more than enough printers, and I do this for fun.

But if you want to help, contact your favorite manufacturer and recommend me as a reviewer :)

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