Hola! Hello world!

Hola! Hello world!

Mar 02, 2024

A little bit of Dairy, a Midwest heart, and a lot of Salsa.

I'm a first-generation Latina from Wisconsin. I'm a natural connector, storyteller, event planner, and creative. I've helped create outreach initiatives, raised nonprofit funds, and mentored Women of Color. I founded Midwest Mujeres, a nonprofit that empowers women to close the wage gap. I believe in the power of storytelling for social change and speak on avoiding tokenism and performative diversity.

Thank you for checking out my page. I hope that you can support me by buying me a cup of coffee. PS I don’t drink coffee I love tea! With the point of this platform is to support creators like myself. It’s not that I’m bad at asking for money I’m pretty good at it actually. It’s that I’m good at doing it for everybody else but not for myself. Often times I work with organizations that serve low income populations in the community. But because we have ambitious goals for impact, a lot of the money goes towards programming. So every little bit counts in my world.

You buying me a cuppa coffee through this app is actually helping me possibly pay my electric bill or help pay my cell phone bill.

I have huge educational loans as well as you can imagine. You might be asking yourself how is it that a highly educated woman like myself is an entrepreneur and not working for some big firm? I have traumatic stress disorder that makes it really hard for me to work in the traditional 9 to 5 pace. About once a week I have insomnia and I’m in state of healing and trying to utilize yoga meditation to regulate my trigger reactions.

I do a lot of volunteering with my time I am a commissioner for the City of Madison Equal opportunities commission. I take my role a little serious because I’ve been fired over discriminatory practices about three or four times in my life. The last time I was discriminated against, I was able to settle out of court. This happened in 2019 which prompted me to take diversity equity inclusion certificate program through the university of South Florida. They were offering it for free during the pandemic and I took advantage of this course and reviewed a lot of things that I already know inherently. Being part of the equal opportunities commission allows me to get daily emails of court cases. This helps me justify my work and my mission. I love helping other women of color with their own journey and storytelling.

I am married my husband is a autobody mechanic. This last winter we had roof damage and I had to take out a personal loan on top of that we had taken out a second mortgage to upgrade our house to finally get central air and new windows put in. We’re being hit with about three new different loans including car loans.

A friend of mine suggested this platform. I prefer it better than Patreon. This is why I have made it very limited the work I would do for cost on this platform.

If you do decide to support me at the hundred dollar per month level, I will definitely meet with you once a quarter and advise you. I will also let you know what’s going on behind the scenes. As an influencer, I’m keen to national trends that directly affect Latino communities.

At the Comadre level, you would get discounts on my consulting and a couple free downloads that I have created over the years. That will help you tap into your creative writing.

Donation drop! I would so appreciate a five dollar coffee drop every once in a while. Honestly, you will not know how much that will make me smile throughout my day!

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